What is included in the quote your tile installations?

All materials except for the tile are included in the quoted price.

Why should I waterproof my shower?

Ceramic tiles and cement mortars are still porous enough to allow water to absorb into the wall behind them. The waterproofing prevents the water from traveling to a material that can absorb water and grow mold.

When do I need to seal the grout or tile?

I provide a grout that contains a sealer. High traffic areas and porous tile should still be sealed.

How long after you grout can we use the area?

The grout is a rapid setting material. The longest wait is the silicone drying after the application. I advise that you wait until the next day to allow it to dry properly.

Where do you plan on cutting the tile?

I cut tile in the best suitable spot for the home. Either a front porch, back deck or garage. There is minimal overspray and it can be rinsed off with some rain or a normal hose.

We are completely renovating a bathroom. At what point would you come install the tile?

The tile should be one of the last projects in the renovation process. Once all the rough in plumbing has been completed and the drywall has been taped, mudded and painted. If a floor is being installed, the floor should be completed before the toilet or vanity are installed.

I am installing tile floor in the kitchen and laminate in the living room. Does it matter which order I install them?

Install tile flooring before any other types of flooring that will transition to the tile.

Can I buy my own products for the installation?

All quotes include installation products so that I can ensure that the best possible products are used and they are all compatible with each other. Poorly stored or cheap products can ruin a tile job.

Can you give me a quote over the phone or online?

In order to provide a proper quote, I have to visit the site in person to evaluate the space and ensure no complications arise on the day of install. This ensures that my quote is accurate and both parties can make sure they’re on the same page. I may start with a few questions online to ensure my services are a good fit for your job.

What do I need to get ready for you the day of installation?

Please clear the area where the tile is being installed of any debris from previous work. Clear any home items that are breakable in the path of the front door to installation area. If there is a demolition please remove any pictures from the walls on either side as they can get knocked off. Please make an outdoor hose or nearby laundry sink available for filling buckets with water.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes, I can provide a free estimate. Please ensure you have a clear idea on your vision for the space to be renovated and the space is ready to be viewed for a proper quote.

Do you offer any other services?

Other minor renovation services are available. Please see our services page for more info.